Cuadristas Serca relies on high quality and speed of nVent HOFFMAN enclosures to meet custom needs of Food & Beverage customer


For more than 25 years, Cuadristas Serca has been dedicated to the design, manufacture and assembly of all types of electrical, distribution and combiner box panels. For this particular project, the Spain-based panel builder needed to create a customized solution to improve the connectivity and protection of electrical equipment for the liquid distillation process of a French Food and Beverage spirits manufacturer.

Based on its successful, longtime relationship with Eldon, now nVent, the panel builder once again engaged the globally leading enclosure solution provider.


To fulfill its customer’s need, Cuadristas Serca worked closely with nVent to design and implement the solution. To begin, the team calculated and simulated the right-sized solution using computer-aided design software. This software enables users to conceptualize ideas, product designs and drawings to the required level of technical accuracy, perform rapid design calculations and simulations in the field of manufacturing industries. From there, the team began building the final solution, which was comprised of nVent HOFFMAN mild steel double door (MCD) and single door (MCS) modular floor standing enclosures, along with complementary accessories, including mounting plates and plinths.

The MCD floor standing range is ideal for installation in confined spaces where a single door, when opened, would take up too much space in front of the enclosure. Also, this range offers an increased loading capacity, since the loading capacity is divided over two doors. With an IP55 protection degree, which protects against dust ingress that could be harmful for the normal operation, components inside the enclosure are well protected.

Meanwhile, with an IP66 protection degree, the MCS floor standing range offers a higher level of protection for equipment and components. Specifically, these enclosures provide complete protection from dust, oil and other noncorrosive material, as well as complete protection from contact with enclosed equipment. They also provide protection from water, including powerful jets of water. These qualities help extend the lifecycles of equipment and components, and reduce maintenance costs when the enclosure is installed in a rough environment with severe conditions.


The French distillery is very pleased with the final solution. And Cuadristas Serca’s team is too.

Pablo Serna, managing director of Cuadristas Serca, noted the high quality and fast assembly of the nVent HOFFMAN products, as well as the ease of working with nVent.

In addition, despite the disruptions in the supply chain due to the global COVID-19 pandemic at the time, nVent met the panel builder’s timeline for delivery and installation. In addition, because of their comfort and familiarity working with the nVent HOFFMAN team and product portfolio, the Cuadristas Serca team saved time in planning and implementation for this project, as well as the other ones they’ve done together.

“Choosing nVent for us is always synonymous with ‘guarantee’ in the success of our projects,” said Serna. “The quality of their cabinets helps us be calm and confident that our customers will be greatly satisfied with the solution we provide.”

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