nVent HOFFMAN stainless steel rain hood, MSST, redesigned for improved ease of use

nVent has improved the design of the nVent HOFFMAN stainless steel rain hood, MSST, to make it faster and easier for customers to get the added protection they need for floor standing enclosures.

For maximum protection of electrical components from weather-related elements, the MSST is mounted on top of an enclosure to create a sloped roof that prevents water from accumulating on the enclosure or dripping inside the enclosure when the door is opened. The rain hood also protects the door gasket from water and shields it from UV radiation. 

The new design of the MSST is easier to mount, and does not require drilling holes into the enclosure, which also means the IP rating of the enclosure is maintained. The rain hood is attached via the roof plate on the enclosure, using two L plates on either side of the enclosure. The rain hood is attached to the roof plate, and affixed through the existing holes on the roof plate.

The MSST is compatible with standalone and bayed floor-standing enclosures.

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