Eldon develops NEW filter fan cut-out template

In an ever-more competitive market, saving time is crucial for machine builders and panel builders, and Eldon’s new cut-out template makes a real time saving contribution in the mounting of filter fans.

In order to make a filter fan cut-out, the customer has to carefully measure and mark the enclosure before cutting - an operation that can easily take several minutes for each cut-out.

To speed up the process while keeping the accuracy of the measurements, the new template uses a magnetic surface and can be easily attached in the desired position to any Eldon mild steel enclosure, to mark around the dimension of the selected filter fan cut-out.

The template incorporates dimensions for all of Eldon’s standard filter fans and exhaust filters, encompassing:

Designed for maximum ease-of-use, the template needs to be separated prior to using, by cutting at the indicated points. The different filter fan dimensions are indicated in each section.

The Filter Fan cut-out template EFTMP01 can be ordered starting July 1, 2015!

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