High speed, high quality packaging machines harness Eldon enclosures

Eldon has been providing industrial enclosures for over 15 years for Sollas, one of the world’s most dynamic brands in the packaging industry. Sollas dazzles the market with a chameleon-like ability to offer wide-ranging standard and custom-built overwrapping and banding solutions across a spectrum of industries.

Sollas, a family-owned Dutch packaging technology company, has successfully expanded over past sixty-five years across Europe, opening branch operations in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Sollas overwrappers and banding machines can be found speeding operations and enhancing productivity in many different industries, such as perfumes and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, stationary, digital-media, tea and coffee, tobacco, and confectionary.

Selling worldwide, the company enjoys an unmatched reputation for its leading-edge engineering and can-do approach to supplying standard and custom-made machinery that fully leverage the flexibility of Eldon enclosures. Sollas has partnered with Eldon since 1998. The company relies on Eldon to meet its need for innovative enclosure approaches that allow Sollas to deliver packaging technology solutions and machines renowned for their flexibility and adaptability.

Food industry overwrapping machines

The new trailblazing machine from Sollas is its revolutionary FSX, the world’s first fully servo-driven overwrapping machine. The FSX allows multiple product changeovers per day with incredibly short downtimes between production runs.

The engineering of the FSX places huge demands on the quality of the components used in the machine. For that reason, Sollas opted to use Eldon's mild steel semi-compact version, single door, having the dimensions 1800x1000x400mm from the MKS floor standing enclosure range.

 "We started using this bigger enclosure because we needed space for all the servo drives." explained Mr. Dirk Verbeek, Head of Electrical Department at Sollas.

But the innovation has not stopped there. When a bakery customer asked for a machine able to withstand the harsh heat of a baking environment, Sollas developed an FSX solution that encompassed mounting an Eldon cooling unit (CUH type) on the roof of the enclosure.

“Eldon has always strived to deliver top quality products at best possible price, but also give customers the flexibility that enhances their bottom line. That’s why we make it possible for any customer to order pre-mounted thermal management accessories but also most of our other standard accessories, in order to simplify their work and save their time” said Ype Jan van Slooten, Account Manager, Noord-West Nederland.

Cosmetics packaging solution

The Sollas SX is another example of a state-of-the-art overwrapping machine designed to package both single and bundles at medium to high speeds. Flexible, easy to operate and robust, the SX design required Eldon to develop special sizes of its mild steel, double door enclosures to ensure a perfect match with the machine.

Delivering on Eldon’s promise to provide customers tailor-made solutions, Eldon technical designers developed a special sized enclosure with a depth of 400mm to make room for the SX’s servo drive. Eldon also customized its enclosures with transparent windows in the door at the special request of Sollas cosmetics industry customer who wanted the control panels to be visible without the need to open the door.

Packing your bottle of champagne

There is nothing like a nice glass of chilled champagne to celebrate a special moment, but the bottles and liquids need to be handled gently. To that end, Sollas has developed an innovative packing machine for the champagne industry called - what else - the ‘Bottlepacker’. Because of the nature of the environment in which the bottle-packing machine is used, Sollas opted for Eldon’s tried and tested ASR stainless steel enclosures, designed to provide cleanliness and ingress protection as well as high resistance to corrosion due to the ingress of the water and cleaning requirements. ASR complies with the highest protection degree requirements, and it has been tested by the well known laboratories KEMA and UL.