Fast deliveries of control cabinets to Bystronic glass

Bystronic glass provides tailor-made systems and services for the processing of architectural glass, automotive glass, and display glass.

Machines and complete systems for insulating glass production and handling equipment are produced at Bystronic glass’ factory in Neuhausen-Hamberg in Germany. Floor standing enclosures from Eldon are delivered to this factory and used in the systems to host the control equipment needed to operate it. 

One of the systems is used for insulating glass with the flexible spacer TPS®  (Thermo Plastic Spacer) where the flexible spacer is applied directly on to the vertical glass plate. A dynamic drive guarantees an extremely high level of accuracy during this process.

Eldon supplies four to five pre-configured floor standing enclosures per system, depending on the system specification from Bystronic glass’ customers. The pre-configuration includes cut outs and pre-assembly of earthing cables, side panels, plinths, lifting bolts and profiles. Eldon also handles wiring for accessories such as filter fans, cooling units, cabinet lights, and door switches. Some of these accessories are adapted to Bystronic glass’ exact needs.

Electrical components for the control system are mounted and wired on mounting plates at Bystronic glass in Neuhausen-Hamberg, which are then fitted into the Eldon enclosures there.

The fact that the enclosures are pre-configured reduces the assembly time by two to three hours, which is a significant benefit to Bystronic glass.

Meeting Bystronic glass’ requirements on price and performance was obviously a prerequisite for Eldon. Other important factors in coming to an agreement included the ability to pre-configure the enclosures to Bystronic glass’ specification, and a stock keeping agreement which comprises special storage exclusively for Bystronic glass.

The stock keeping agreement, which Eldon calls Customer Specific Stock, means that enclosures for Bystronic glass are always in stock and can be called-off with a delivery time between two and three working days from Eldon’s warehouse in the Netherlands. This saves storage space for Bystronic glass and simplifies their ordering process.

According to Bystronic glass staff, Eldon is very cooperative and open to adapting the enclosure solution to make life as easy as possible for those at Bystronic glass involved with enclosures. One example of constructive cooperation includes joint efforts when it comes to packaging: Styrofoam packaging used in the past has been replaced by bubble wrap packaging which can be removed faster and is more environmentally friendly.

Another example is certification: Eldon’s enclosures are UL-certified, but additional certification is needed for the cabling to thermal management, lights, and door switches. Since the US is an important market for Bystronic glass, one of the essential future projects may be to ensure the cabling also becomes UL-certified in addition to the current CE-certification.

Yet another initiative encompasses replacement of the current fluorescent lights with LED lights in the pre-configured enclosures. LED lights consume less energy and contribute to enhanced sustainability.

Bystronic glass and Eldon have worked together for over six years. An open dialogue, constant development, communication of various details, and a common focus on customer satisfaction ensures a continued positive relationship between the two companies.