Eldon now in Austria, Czech Republic and Poland with its full range of electrical enclosures

We are very happy to announce that we now have established a sales organisation in Austria. Our base is at Guntramsdorf near Vienna, and our highly trained field sales staff in Austria, the Czech Republic, and Poland will commence serving customers on 1st July.

The sales team will be supported by a customer focused Customer Service Team, also located at Guntramsdorf, and a new warehouse in Wiener Neudorf, just seven minutes away from our office, to secure reliable on-time deliveries.

Eldon has been indirectly present in these markets for many years through a partner promoting Eldon’s enclosures with their brand name. Eldon is now fully present offering its comprehensive up-to-date range of wall mounted and floor standing enclosures, terminal boxes, human machine interface, thermal management solutions, and a wide range of accessories. The enclosures are typically used in many different environments for applications such as power distribution, automation and control, and machines, by panel builders, machine builders, and system integrators serving many different end user segments. 

Eldon’s staff throughout the world shares common values that can be summarised in a desire to be Easy To Do Business With. This means the best service possible is always provided to ensure delivery of the right product, at the right time and place at the most optimum price. It also means all products are designed to be easy to work with, with snap-in technology making it easy for one person to handle mounting without any tools. Another example is the wide range of support tools available on Eldon’s website to assist during the engineering phase. 

Should there be a need for modification of a standard enclosure, Eldon offers an array of special solutions, such as holes, threading, cut-outs, increased corrosion resistance, custom colours, transparent windows, ventilation louvres, welded studs, and more. Related services include certification and warehousing of tailored products. 

Don’t hesitate to get in contact for a personal meeting as soon as you can, to discuss your needs and what you expect from an enclosure partner that always will put you first. 

Eldon Austria GmbH | A-2353 Guntramsdorf, Rathaus Viertel 3, Top 322 |
Phone: +43 720568340 | Email: eldon.at@eldon.com | www.eldon.com/de-AT