Upgraded combinable flange mount disconnect floor standing enclosures

The new enclosures in Eldon’s mild steel combinable flange mount disconnect floor standing range, MCF, now include a new user-friendly locking system, with new locks on the right-hand door. The enclosures have a high protection level and meet the requirements of UL 508A.

The mild steel flange mount disconnect floor standing enclosure range, MCF, is available off the shelf in various sizes. It is equipped with a universal cut-out on the right-hand door, that matches most of the common switches in the market. Eldon’s interlocking kit, FMD, is compatible with Allen Bradley switches, but if another switch brand is used, the kit has to be complemented with a switch acessory.

Control panels used in the US must be designed to protect people from injuries caused by electricity, meaning that direct contact with live electrical equipment must be impossible under normal operating conditions. US standards specify that electrical enclosure doors must be locked in accordance with specific guidelines, but that access for maintenance and service by qualified personnel must be possible.

Eldon’s MCF range, combined with the main door interlocking kit, FMD, ensure that access to the main enclosure is restricted when the power is switched on, minimizing the risk of injury.

Top and bottom locks have been added to the right-hand door to prevent it from opening unexpectedly when the switch is off and the left-hand door is open.

The MCF enclosure is based on Eldon's mild steel combinable enclosure, MCS/D, to be fully compatible with the whole floor standing accessories range. This makes it possible to create bayed configurations.

When the enclosure doors are required to be interlocked in a bayed configuration, the main door interlocking kit, FMD, the system actuator, FMA, the slave door interlocking kit, FMS, and the interlocking bar, FMB, are required. This makes such bayed configurations meet the requirements specified within UL 508A.

The new upgraded flange mount disconnect enclosures are available in several sizes from 1 800 mm in height and 800 mm in width, to 2 000 mm / 1 000 mm, with a protection degree of IP 55 and NEMA type 12, 13.

Benefits of the new MCF range include:


Improved aesthetics and feel;


High ingress protection;


The predefined cut-out reduces machining time and can be matched with the most common switches in the market;



Meets the requirements for the US set out in UL 508A;


Compatible with mild steel combinable enclosures, MCS and MCD.

If you have any questions, please contact your Eldon representative.

§  Improved aesthetics and feel;