New separation plates for combinable enclosures

A new range of separation plates, SPDS, for combinable floor standing stainless steel and aluminium enclosures has now been launched. A separation plate separates bayed enclosures, while maintaining the IP rating, creating individual spaces for components to be mounted.

An enclosure assembly can be segregated with the SPDS plates, creating individual spaces for components to be mounted. These areas are commonly used to group component types, for example power in one section and control in another. These spaces can also be used when some components are more sensitive to temperature than others, allowing for better thermal management control in the enclosure.

The SPDS plates, easily mounted in combination with the baying brackets, CCM and CCI, maintain the IP rating of the bayed configuration. Combined with a gasket, SPDG, a protection degree of IP 43 can be maintained between the segregated spaces.

The new SPDS range has been developed based on the same design criteria as the SPD range, meaning that the plates can be mounted between two bayed side-to-side combinable floor standing enclosures to segregate the interiors. The new range, in combination with the existing SPD range, is compatible with the full range of combinable floor standing enclosures in mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminium.

In summary, the new separation plates, SPDS, offer several advantages:  

  • Compatible with stainless steel and aluminium combinable floor standing enclosures;
  • Up to IP43 rating between the segregated inner spaces;
  • Optimization of thermal management;
  • Compatible with the standard internal baying brackets. 

The new separation plates are available from 1st December as a standard accessory and are compatible with the MCSS, MCDS, and ECOM enclosure ranges. 

If you have any questions, please contact your Eldon representative.