New protective filter fan covers now available for hygienic design enclosures

nVent HOFFMAN is introducing new filter fan covers for wash down environments.

Specially designed to meet the needs of harsh sanitary operations in food & beverage and pharmaceutical applications, these new shrouds help protect EF filter fans against water ingress. When fitted in place, the shrouds increase the rating of EF filter fans from IP 54 to IP 56.

In addition, the covers are designed for ease of maintenance. The cover can be easily removed for cleaning operations and gasket replacement, and also can be opened to a 35º angle for easy filter cleaning. Plus, the sloped-top self-drains, which helps prevent liquid and other debris from pooling. The ECHD is made of 304L stainless steel and features a food-grade FDA-compliant blue silicone gasket.

The ECHD filter fan covers provide improved protection for electrical components inside of enclosures in sanitary wash down environments by increasing the ingress protection rating of filter fans from IP 54 to IP 56.