‘MyEldon’ is here

Eldon launched a dedicated online portal for e-commerce a couple of years ago. It’s called ‘Customer Zone’ and is there to assist customers with information and easy placing of new orders.


You can go through Eldon’s entire product catalogue and obtain information on product availability and price in real time. You can also review your complete order history, which means you have an excellent support tool for a seamless ordering process.

Eldon has decided to transform ‘Customer Zone’ into a new platform called ‘MyEldon’. The decision is based on input from our customers and on advice from various specialists in the
e-commerce field.

Here are some of the new features:

·         The landing page is easier to navigate with easy access to the most widely used resources such as the ‘Download center’ and ‘eCommerce’, a section with all the features currently available in ‘Customer zone’;

·         The login function is available on all pages on Eldon’s websites. Once logged in you have access to all features of ‘MyEldon’ from every page on Eldon’s websites;

·         New users can register easily by providing a valid e-mail address. You don’t need to be an Eldon customer yet – you are welcome to join anyway, but some features will be limited, like online order placing, until you decide you want to work with Eldon. 

A new configurator will soon be added to ‘MyEldon’. This new configurator will provide you with instant quotations of both standard and customized product solutions.  

All users are migrated to MyEldon. Log in with your current credentials to start enjoying all the new features.


Welcome to MyEldon!