The silicone gasket in Eldon’s stainless steel wall mounted enclosures & terminal boxes offers major advantages

Always ahead, and with its customers in mind, Eldon is among the first in the industry to replace the polyurethane gasket in its stainless steel wall mounted enclosures and terminal boxes with a silicone gasket.

This will make said products the perfect choice for hygienic environments such as food and beverages and pharmaceuticals, or environments with high exposure to water, as well as aggressive environments such as oil and gas, marine applications, and others. Eldon’s product management based the decision to use silicone gaskets on an in-depth analysis of the stainless steel enclosure market, and the advantages for customers are many.

All Eldon stainless steel wall mounted enclosures and terminal boxes in  AISI316L (1.4404) will be fitted with the new silicone gasket. Its good electrical insulating properties enable compliance with the strictest health and safety regulations and it can be used in all environments where the polyurethane gasket has been present.

The silicone rubber of the new gasket material is an inorganic synthetic elastomer made from cross-linked silicone-based polymer reinforced with filler. Silicone rubber offers a unique combination of chemical and mechanical properties that cannot be matched by other gasket materials.

High sealing performance, longer life-time

Silicone has excellent moulding characteristics and the gasket will therefore ensure a very tight seal between the enclosure body and door. This means customers will receive high protection ratings.

A high level of flexibility and resilience ensure that the silicone gasket will never deform and degrade no matter how many times the enclosure door is opened and closed. Combined with the high material strength, this ensures longer gasket life-time.

High resistance to chemicals and weather

Another characteristic of the silicone gasket is high resistance to chemicals and extreme weather conditions (rain, snow, humidity, ozone and UV). Therefore, customers will be able to use Eldon’s stainless steel enclosures in more aggressive environments than ever before.

Thanks to the cellular closed cell structure of silicone rubber, the gasket has a very low water absorption level and customers will have the assurance that their components are safe from the external environment even when exposed to water and high levels of UV radiation.

Upgraded enclosures available soon

Eldon will drive down the stock of stainless steel enclosures fitted with the polyurethane gasket before launching enclosures with the new silicone gasket. This will ensure that enclosures fitted with the silicone gasket will be available to end-users as soon as possible after the launch date. Eldon will not mix deliveries on a purchase order basis.