New AGC gasket simplifies joining enclosures

We are dedicated to deliver the broadest range of optimum products of the highest quality and at the most competitive price to all our customers. To deliver on that mission, we address every detail in our offers with the highest level of attention and importance.

Every Eldon accessory has a major importance in the overall enclosure solution that we have committed to deliver to our customers.As part of its dedication to deliver enhanced functionality, Eldon has modified its enclosure-combining gaskets. The new AGC single gasket simplifies joining two enclosures, making the assembly process less complex and time consuming, with no loss in join durability.

The AGC perfectly fits the entire Eldon wall mounted enclosures range, providing a fast and efficient solution for projects that specify the necessity to combine enclosures through the gland plate openings. Furthermore, the new gasket guarantees the enclosures’ IP rating, ensuring your project’s strength and durability.

The new product improvement also makes it easier for an operator to correctly position the single gasket speedily and efficiently rather than having to spend time aligning two gaskets. All the required fixing material will be included. Double thickness gasket to guarantee the IP when MultiMount enclosures are bayed.