Eldon’s enclosures protect both control equipment and the surrounding environment

The need for well functioning automation and control systems within the oil and gas sector is apparent. 100% perfect protection of the equipment from water, salt, winds, fire, chemicals and other substances through state-of-the art enclosures is required to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Electrical enclosures are used in all areas of the oil and gas industry to protect the equipment hosted, but also the environment surrounding it from sparks caused by the equipment that could ignite gases etc.

Enclosures for hazardous gas or dust environments are normally manufactured from stainless steel or GRP (Fiberglass, Glass Reinforced Plastic), but also mild steel for some indoor, sheltered applications.

The Oil and Gas industry is constantly developing
The global demand for oil and gas continues to grow in response to increasing population and petrol and diesel driven vehicles. New oil and gas exploration keep requiring ever-increasing drilling, production, storage, and distribution resources. In addition, the demand for faster and more efficient production has increased the need for modern electronic control systems and improved processes. Together with the absolute requirement for safety in the presence of highly flammable liquids and gases, this presents tough challenges to keep such systems running smoothly.

Eldon’s role in the oil and gas industry is to provide certified, safe and reliable mild steel and stainless steel enclosures, including terminal boxes and a wide range of accessories for automation and control applications as well as low voltage power supply.

Eldon’s commitment to the Oil and Gas sector has been by verified by FPAL, Europe’s leading supplier pre-qualification system, which identifies, evaluates and monitors suppliers on behalf of some of Europe’s largest corporations. Another proof of Eldon’s commitment is the successful validation by Shell through the Shell Supplier Qualification System (SQS) operated by Achilles.

The oil and gas sector faces challenges
Oil process and constant production shortage drive upstream investments in different environments leading to both numerous projects and greater complexity to get more out of the production source. Environmental, health and safety issues drive demand for more maintenance and service, as well as investments to reduce various emissions. The overall growth combined with access to more and more intelligent field devices to drive control, speed and maintenance monitoring means there is a constant need for reliable and safe hosting of electrical and electronic equipment.

In addition, the world’s population will continue to grow rapidly and urbanization plus the growth of the consumer class in developing countries will promote demand for real estate, infrastructure, cars, hi-tech goods and, as a result, energy resources.

All together, there will be a need for the oil and gas industry to continue to invest in additional production sources as well as in greater efficiency and productivity, which in turn will require automation and control equipment that will need hosting in the form of electrical enclosures.

Eldon’s contribution to the Oil and Gas industry
Eldon offers a wide range of enclosures and accessories for harsh and hazardous environments with international certifications. The enclosures are available in different dimensions, wall mounted and floor standing for indoor and outdoor usage, with different fixing options and a wide range of accessories. Explosion proof enclosures are also available.

To further support customers within or delivering to the oil and gas industry, Eldon offers modification possibilities of the standard product range plus assembly services, which means customer specific accessories can be pre-mounted at the Eldon factory.


User/Customer Needs Eldon’s Response

Enclosures for many different environments Full range of wall mounted and floor standing enclosures as well as terminal boxes, in mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and GRP

The right material and ingress protection degree Protection up to IP 66, and different materials like mild steel, stainless steel 304 and 316, and GRP

Earthing capabilities All metallic enclosures are provided with earthing studs on both enclosure body and door to help users perform all the necessary earthing connections

Meet all regulations The enclosures are tested according to the relevant standard for empty enclosures IEC62208 and relevant standards such as the DNV No. 2.4

Special requirements Modifications can be made easily and test resources for such solutions are available