Eldon enclosures host protection and control equipment in electricity networks

The world is totally dependent on access to reliable electrical energy. Electricity is generated from many different sources, which include both non-renewables such as oil, coal, and gas, and renewables such as water, wind, solar, bioenergy, and geothermal sources.

It takes many players and close cooperation between them to satisfy the need from electricity consumers: The official regulatory bodies, national grid operators, utilities generating and distributing the electricity, as well as providers of systems and components to the industry, all need to work together to meet market needs.

Eldon typically sources its enclosures and accessories to electrical utilities through various systems integrators and panel builders. Electrical utilities throughout the world, involved in the generation, transmission, distribution and sales of electrical energy, all strive for efficient and effective utilization of a variety of these sources. It is therefore vital to ensure enclosure solutions provided secure reliable communication, control, and safe protection of electrical and electronic equipment.

Consumption will grow, and so will the need for enclosures
Several institutions predict a constant increase in electrical consumption. One source is the US Energy Information Administration who projected that global consumption will grow by 56% between 2010 and 2040 in their report published in July 2013. This growth will then create a steady expansion of generation capabilities and electrical networks over the next decades.

Other reasons that contribute to the need for electrical utilities to continue to invest include factors such as market deregulation, access to renewable energy sources, and the increasing opportunities through smart grids.

A smart grid is a new or modernized grid using information and communication technology to collect and act on information about suppliers and consumers. The information gathering and actions are automated to increase efficiency and reliability of the generation and distribution of electrical energy.

A smart grid is characterized by decentralized plants, such as wind mills and solar farms, that feed energy into the power grids, supported by intelligent applications that will allow for advanced energy management. Due to renewable energy sources there is a need for high-performance storage systems. Storage systems are required to handle overproduction from decentralized production and compensate for situations with no or weak wind and sun.

Increasing decentralization of power production through renewable power generation sources means substations need to be upgraded. It also means that existing grids must be ready for greater flexibility in power production and provide very high efficiency, power quality, and reliability.

Eldon’s contribution to the Electricity market
Eldon’s contribution to the electricity market is to provide enclosure solutions for indoor and outdoor installations to secure reliable communication, control, and safe protection of electrical and electronic equipment.

Applications include indoor installations for communication and control of the grid and outdoor installations to protect the control equipment of field devices such as transformers and switches.

Eldon enclosures can also protect storage units, or batteries, from mechanical damage, and host control equipment for windmills and solar panels.

User/Customer Needs Eldon’s Response
  Enclosures from floor standing in generation plants to small wall mounted enclosures in solar panels Many product options in a wide range of dimensions
  The right material and ingress protection degree, plus corrosion resistance when needed Protection up to IP 66, and different materials like mild steel, polyester, stainless steel 304 and 316
  Simple access and easy assembly of equipment into the enclosure Different access levels with front-rear-side doors, full access through all sides, removable roof, and accessories such as 19” swing frames and 180º degree hinges
  Many assembly possibilities, e.g. for terminals, communications equipment, relays, transformers, and batteries Solutions include profiles systems, mounting plates for different positions, several load capacity carrier bars, 19” profiles and swing frames
  Instant status access Accessories to view internal components in a safe way, such as windows and transparent doors 
  Special requirements Modifications can be made easily and test resources for such solutions are available