Eldon provides a wide range of enclosures for applications on trucks, trains and ships

Transportation of people and goods is essential for further economic development and requires different sorts of vehicles.

However, the term ‘vehicle’ is very wide, encompassing motor vehicles, watercraft, aircraft and spacecraft. If narrowed down to trucks, trains and ships and applications requiring some form of automation, the control of power supply equipment, which in turn needs hosting in a suitable enclosure, is a key consideration. And such equipment must contribute to ensuring that travel and transportation becomes even more efficient, using less energy with reduced emissions.

Eldon offers a wide range of enclosures and accessories for harsh and hazardous environments with international certifications.

Trucks, trains and ships keep the world moving
For trucks, different functions may need to be controlled via a control panel while equipment could need hosting and protection. Depending on the application, the enclosures must meet a variety of requirements when it comes to ingress protection and materials. Typical applications on trucks include pneumatic equipment protection, electronic equipment protection, and electrical control hosting.

In trains, the required boxes and enclosures must often meet special requirements and can end up being installed inside or outside of the train. Eldon can meet specific requirements in areas such as train power feed, HVAC control panels, DC control systems, braking, and battery systems.

On ships, there are a number of applications requiring enclosures from small connection terminal boxes to large enclosures that host equipment needed to power the engines. Due to the unique working environment and challenges at sea, there is always a need for ingress protection of water and salt as well as resistance to big temperature changes, tilting due to rough seas, and so on. Typical applications include power management and power distribution, control of pumps and valves, alarm and fire detection, propulsion control, and the operation of loading cranes on the ship.

Eldon’s contribution to vehicles
Eldon offers a wide range of enclosures and accessories for harsh and hazardous environments with international certifications. The enclosures are available in different dimensions, wall mounted and floor standing for indoor and outdoor usage, with different fixing options and a wide range of accessories.


User/Customer Needs Eldon’s Response

The right material and ingress protection degree Protection up to IP 66, and different materials like mild steel, stainless steel 304 and 316, and aluminum

Protect for vandalism Panel joints are gapless. All fitting elements and screws are hidden and not accessible form the outside

Meet local authorities’ and make tests Specific local requirements may exist based on
Local Authorities Regulations (RWS, Vic Roads, DGT, etc.) Eldon has the flexibility to carry out testing on an ad hoc basis and to adapt products to local authority specifications

Detailed documentation available rapidly All required technical information, such as CAD drawings in 2D and 3D, mounting instructions and certificates, is available on the Eldon website