Eldon enclosures host automation and control equipment for road traffic management systems

With an advanced traffic management systems in place, many benefits can be achieved. Some examples include better utilization of traffic routes, increased traffic safety and shorter travel times.

For such benefits to be achieved, there has to be peripheral equipment by the roads that gather information about the road status and sends it to control centers. At the same time, there has to be components that receive instructions depending on the road operation requirements.

For a complete and successful operation of the road management system, the information from the field is translated into actions such as signaling, information board updates, speed limit changes, lighting, and ventilation changes in tunnels, etc.

This high degree of automation and control in advanced current and future road traffic management systems will grow and be rolled out in new locations requiring a variety of enclosures for the protection of electronic and electrical equipment.

Road traffic is booming globally
Safeguarding mobility is one of the big challenges facing today’s society.

The road transport sector including the transportation of people and goods is booming around the world. In fact, the traffic intensity is way over the capacity limit in many places, and issues such as safety, environmental aspects and an uninterrupted traffic flow becomes highly significant.

One important way forward in solving the problems in today’s intense road traffic transportation area is to secure a steady information flow to obtain control and understanding of what is happening in the field. This information should then be translated into actions leading to immediate results.

For such a steady information flow and actions to be initiated, a modern traffic management system requires field equipment, distributed control units, remote field units, operations control and above all an operations control center. Of course, there is need for less advanced system configurations, but in both cases Eldon is a player and can deliver a wide range of indoor and outdoor standard and customized enclosures backed by a wide range of accessories.

Eldon’s contribution to the Road Transport Infrastructure Sector
Eldon’s solutions for field equipment, distributed control units, and remote field units in the road transport sector include a wide range of enclosures in different dimensions, wall mounted and floor standing for indoor and outdoor usage, with different fixing options and a wide range of accessories. Security aspects and anti-vandalism measures are taken into account, as well as the potential need for thermal management. And, the double wall aluminum enclosures minimize the impact of solar radiation.

Solutions also include enclosures and accessories for indoor office and light industrial environment installation for operations control, where security access, 19” mounting facilities and an aesthetic finish and a scalable design is provided.

To further support customers in the road transport sector, Eldon offers modification of the standard product range plus assembly services, which means that customer specific accessories can be pre-mounted at the Eldon factory.

Eldon meets the standard EN 61969-3 on mechanical structures for electronic equipment and outdoor enclosures conditions for signaling and telecommunications.


User/Customer Needs Eldon’s Response

Keep water and dust out for outdoor applications IP 66 for single door enclosures. IP 66 for double door (compact) for the aluminum range

Protect for vandalism Panel joints are gapless. All fitting elements and screws are hidden and not accessible form the outside

Minimize total cost of ownership Double wall enclosures for natural cooling minimizing the heat load from the sun, with or without simple filter fans

Meet local authorities’ and make tests Specific local requirements may exist based on
Local Authorities Regulations (RWS, Vic Roads, DGT, etc.) Eldon has the flexibility to carry out testing on an ad hoc basis and to adapt products to local authority specifications

Functionality in special service conditions Tests can be carried out to ensure the equipment can withstand special service conditions such as seismic activity

Detailed documentation available rapidly All required technical information, such as CAD drawings in 2D and 3D, mounting instructions and certificates, is available on the Eldon web site