Eldon enclosures are used both in railway infrastructure systems and on trains

Typically rail systems are key to increase availability, line capacity and operational line speeds to meet the railway operator needs.

Rail systems may include:

  • Level-crossing protection systems
  • Integrated control systems
  • Computer and relay based interlocking systems
  • Automatic train protection and train operation systems
  • Radio based rail control and signaling systems
  • Wayside equipment
  • Communications systems
  • IP-services

In addition to the rail infrastructure, train manufacturers need to keep up with the demand for increased rail capacity. Typical electrical systems include 

  • Train power feed
  •  HVAC Control panels
  •  DC Control systems
  •  Brakes
  •  Battery systems

Eldon provides a comprehensive range of standard and custom enclosures and accessories both for railroad systems, such as the field infrastructure, as well as for the train manufacturers.

Well-functioning rail traffic systems vital to handling passenger and freight boom
The global transport industry embraces multiple sectors, comprising road transport, rail transport, mass rapid transport, and air transport, serving passenger and freight transport needs in many different ways.  

Focusing on rail transportation, safety issues as well as the ability to secure smooth, uninterrupted traffic flows, are crucial to both individuals and businesses. Creating safe and uninterrupted traffic demands cost-effective rail control and signaling systems as well as the gradual introduction of IP-solutions. The coming IP-solutions offer services such as Internet access on board, remote train diagnostics, train management and control, safety and security monitoring and communications.

Growing demand for freight and passenger transportation
The rail industry will struggle to meet the increasing demand for freight and passenger transportation. Global demand for rail transportation services keeps growing and outpaces capacity as well as existing infrastructure. Aging systems and conservative practices makes it challenging to introduce new solutions. Market liberalization as well as customer demand for flexibility, speed and punctuality increases the challenges on train manufacturers, network owners and operators. All in all, the need for train and railroad management control equipment will increase and Eldon will continue to support all manufacturers in this industry with standard and customized solutions.

Eldon’s contribution to the Railway Industry
Eldon’s solutions for electrification and railroad management control equipment meet protection requirements to keep water and dust out and demand for corrosion resistance and anti-vandalism solutions. Additionally, Eldon’s double-wall aluminum enclosures minimize the impact of solar radiation. Eldon also meets the standard EN 61969-3 on mechanical structures for electronic equipment and outdoor enclosures as well as EN-50125-3 for railway applications on environmental conditions for signaling and telecommunications requiring ambient tests and mechanical tests. Terminal boxes and enclosures for trains have special requirements and may be installed on the inside or the outside of a train carriage.

Key products from Eldon include aluminum AlMg3 floor standing enclosures in single or double door versions, a full range of accessories including side panels, plinths,
rain hoods, fan covers, and active cooling such as open loop closed loop – with heat exchangers, and air conditioning units.

To further support railway industry customers Eldon offers modification possibilities of the standard product range plus assembly services meaning that customer specific accessories can be pre-mounted at the Eldon factory.


User/Customer Needs Eldon’s Response

Keep water and dust out for outdoor applications IP 66 for single door enclosures. IP 66 for double door (compact) for the aluminum range

Protect for vandalism Panel joints are gapless. All fitting elements and screws are hidden and not accessible form the outside

Minimize total cost of ownership Double wall enclosures for natural cooling minimizing the heat load from the sun, with or without simple filter fans

Many assembly possibilities, for terminals, communications equipment, relays, transformers, and batteries Solutions include profiles systems, mounting plates for different positions, several load capacity carrier bars, 19” profiles and swing frames

Meet all regulations The enclosures are tested according to the relevant standard for empty enclosures IEC62208. Additionally, Eldon meets the general standard EN 69169-3 for outdoor enclosures and EN 50125-3 for railway applications