Eldon’s enclosures protect equipment in both indoor and outdoor set-ups

Operating a port efficiently and effectively requires a well functioning infrastructure including efficient information gathering for various actions to be initiated. Auxiliary services are also needed to carry out standard tasks.

Field information on weather conditions, maritime traffic and emergency services has to be collected through various systems and field equipment such as traffic signals, and lighting needs to be controlled. In addition, auxiliary services such as crane operation and water, electricity and oil supply must operate according to the needs required. For all these functions and equipment, Eldon offers a wide range of enclosures and accessories to host and protect electronic and electric equipment.

Shipping accounts for most of the World’s commercial freight transport
The fact that shipping is the major form of the transportation of goods around the world puts a lot of pressure on today’s seaports. The relatively traditional approach to conducting business in ports is being challenged by demands for greater efficiency and customer focus. The response in many countries is to invite private sector companies to become involved throughout the range of port operations, which provides an opportunity to eliminate bureaucratic operating procedures and controls and modernize facilities and equipment through new financing channels.

Port authorities worldwide are under increasing pressure to turn over port operations to the private sector. They are being forced by competitive pressures to step into a landlord and regulatory role, focusing on the administrative activities that public entities do best.

Cargo volumes to rise significantly
In its 2013 report “Europe’s Seaports 2030: Challenges Ahead”, the European Commission stated that with only modest assumptions of economic growth, port cargo volumes are expected to rise by 50% by 2030 and even more for the fast growing traffic of containers.

Within the EU alone, there are over 1,200 commercial seaports operating along some 70,000 km of coastline, which makes Europe one of the densest port regions in the world. The report pinpointed 319 of these as key seaports with another 83 recognized as core networks. This illustrates the massive potential for upgrading ports and their activities to cope with ever increasing shipping volumes.

Eldon is ready to take part in the future development of ports throughout the world with its comprehensive range of standard and special enclosures and accessories.

Eldon’s contribution to Seaports

Eldon’s solutions for various seaport applications include a wide range of enclosures in different dimensions, wall mounted and floor standing for indoor and outdoor usage, with different fixing options and a wide range of accessories. Security aspects and anti-vandalism measures are taken into account, as well as the potential need for thermal management.

To further support customers within or delivering to seaports, Eldon offers modification possibilities of the standard product range plus assembly services, which means that customer specific accessories can be pre-mounted at the Eldon factory.


User/Customer Needs Eldon’s Response

Enclosures for many different environments Full range of wall mounted and floor standing mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum enclosures

Keep water and dust out for outdoor applications IP 66 for single door enclosures. IP 66 for double door (compact) for the aluminum range

Protect against vandalism Panel joints are gapless. All fitting elements and screws are hidden and not accessible from the outside

Minimize total operating costs Double wall enclosures for outdoor applications offer natural cooling minimizing the heat load from the sun, avoiding the need for extra cooling

Meet all regulations The enclosures are tested according to the relevant standard for empty enclosures IEC62208. On top of this Eldon meets the general standard EN 69169-3 for outdoor enclosures