Eldon provides enclosures for hosting power distribution equipment

Every electrical device, such as household appliances, elevators and escalators, HVAC-systems and machinery, in any type of residential, commercial, or industrial facility depends on reliable electrical supply. The consequences of even a short power failure can be severe, so every user needs reliable power supply systems that cope with every eventuality and keep them safe and secure.

People and businesses need electricity
To secure a reliable electrical supply requires a well-functioning low voltage distribution system. The equipment must be hosted safely to avoid damage on the components and keep people safe.

The role of the low voltage power distribution system in a building of any kind is to receive electrical power at one or several supply points and to deliver it to individual electrically operated devices. The importance of the power distribution system to the proper function of a building makes it highly critical, meaning the best system and its protection is vital.

For power and distribution applications, Eldon delivers standard enclosures and accessories for use in both the distribution of power to automation panels and machines as well as power distribution for commercial and industrial buildings.

The market for Low Voltage Switchgear is growing
Market growth is highly likely due to a constant increase in industrial activity and changing human lifestyles that requires more and more electricity.

The rapid recovery of the manufacturing sector has resulted in greater demand from manufacturing focused countries, which will trigger greater demand for low voltage switchgear.

Another growth factor is the increasing requirements resulting from the smart grid concept, which is more and more widespread. To contribute to the smart grid, power and distribution panels with additional features are required because more communication and tele-control equipment is needed.

Eldon is ready to support the market with its extensive, dedicated range of enclosures and accessories optimized for low voltage power distribution requirements.

Eldon’s contribution to Low Power Distribution
Eldon provides a complete solution with its Eldon Power System (EPS) developed for low voltage power and distribution assemblies. These solutions are tested and certified by independent laboratories.

Eldon’s EPS-system and extensive experience from sectors such as mines, tunnels and process industries, as well as from other installations within schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings ensures the best solution can be provided for low voltage power distribution.

User/Customer Needs Eldon’s Response
  Tested and certified solutions Offer system that has been tested by independent laboratories
  Different mounting solutions to cover project requirements Different mounting possibilities within the EPS-system; Modular, fixed, and plug-in
  Design tools for fast and safe design Design software is available to make a quick assembly design providing a list of materials and the quote, layout drawings, and a thermal analysis
  Versatile solution with a quick learning curve MultiFlex is the floor-standing base for automation and control panels and power and distribution panels. This facilitates the learning curve and reduce the needed stock of enclosures and accessories
  Solution for all types of segments As Eldon is using industrial enclosures as the base platform, IP 55 is a standard rating that avoids cost increases when the solution is in an industrial environment