Eldon’s enclosures host automation and control equipment in HVAC-systems

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, or HVAC systems, control the temperature, humidity and quality of air in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Using air from the outside, HVAC is a central air regulation technology for large buildings and enclosed environments to continuously maintain a fresh and healthy indoor climate.

Eldon’s wide range of enclosures and accessories are used to host the automation and control equipment used for different HVAC-machines.

HVAC-solutions for better air quality and controlled temperatures
The HVAC-market can be divided into product categories such as air handling equipment, heating equipment, and cooling equipment sourced into areas like air treatment, air filtration and de-dusting. Typical products are heat pumps, humidifiers/dehumidifiers, boilers, furnaces, air conditioners, ventilation fans,
and air pumps.

HVAC systems can be used in either old buildings to replace items as inefficient air coolers or in new buildings and facilities. Installed on rooftops or indoors, it is imperative for building owners to ensure the different parts of an HVAC system interact with each other in order to fine-tune each part to save energy and money. For example, it would be wasteful to increase heating inside a building while the cooling system is fighting to reduce temperatures.

HVAC-industry is heavily influenced by construction market activity
Positive signs in the construction market indicate the sector’s burgeoning return to strength. As more residential and commercial buildings are built, demand for HVAC-systems will increase. In addition, national standards for energy efficiency and a growing trend toward lowering household and business energy use are projected to encourage home and building owners to upgrade to more efficient systems.

The Euroconstruct Country Report published in November 2013 says the overall economic upswing in construction is expected to grow a moderate 0.9% in 2014 followed by a more dynamic performance during 2015 -16, given a stable economic framework. All sectors – housing, non-residential construction and civil engineering – are expected to see an expansion in volume. Non-residential construction is expected to profit from the better economic environment from 2015 onwards.

The HVAC-industry is extremely competitive with pressure to design more effective equipment at a faster rate. Improvements that address noise reduction, energy efficiency, eco-friendly design and reliability are essential for HVAC manufacturers trying to get ahead of the competition. This makes Eldon the ideal partner to the industry since Eldon’s absolute ambition is to support developments that reduce cost and increase energy savings.

Eldon’s contribution to the HVAC-industry
Eldon’s enclosure range includes enclosures to host anything from one small control unit up to enclosures for multiple HVAC-controls. In some cases, the enclosures are meant to keep the equipment hosted safe from dust, while other enclosures protect the equipment from water, outside weather and other harmful substances.

Eldon’s solutions for automation and control in HVAC installations include a wide range of wall mounted and floor standing enclosures in different dimensions, with different fixing options and a wide range of accessories.

To further support HVAC customers, Eldon offers modification possibilities of the standard product range plus assembly services meaning that customer specific accessories can be pre-mounted at the Eldon factory.

User/Customer Needs Eldon’s Response
  Wide range of dimensions Full range of wall mounted and floor standing enclosures 
  Cost-effective design Eldon enclosures combine an attractive design with advanced features and economical pricing
  Easy cable management Wall mounted enclosures can be turned around allowing cable entry on the top or bottom of the enclosure. Floor standing enclosures include gland plates at the bottom part of the enclosure. When the cable connections must be made through the top, the semi-compact enclosure can be the ideal solution
  Deliveries and stocking as specified Standard products are available in 24-48 hours. Customer specific stock holding guarantees the required delivery time of standard-special products
  Detailed documentation available rapidly All required technical information, such as CAD drawings in 2D and 3D, mounting instructions, and certificates, is available on the Eldon web site