nVent HOFFMAN Depth Interior Profiles (DIP) product range now more secure and vibration-resistant

Committed to continuous improvement, nVent has redesigned the nVent HOFFMAN Depth Interior Profiles (DIP) front bracket and profiles to improve the fixation security and to maintain high performance in environments with vibration.

Now, the force vector at the front of the bracket applies even pressure to the enclosure, thanks to a sliding contact surface at the rear of the mount that converts bolt torque into a precise horizontal force. The rear support of the profile also has been adapted to evenly distribute contact pressure on the contact pins.

As before, the profiles make it easy and convenient to mount a wide range of accessories. The profile itself is easy to install with only one screw – no machining required, so the protection degree of the enclosure will be maintained.

Customer benefits:

  • Designed for easy installation
  • Enables a wide range of accessories to be mounted
  • No machining required; protection degree maintained

Please contact your nearest nVent HOFFMAN Sales Representative with any questions. Thank you for your continued support!