Upgraded panel stay in console desk units

Eldon continuously improves its products to provide the best possible functionality. For this reason, all Eldon console desk units are now equipped with an upgraded panel stay offering three open positions.

Eldon consoles are typically used whenever a complex process needs to be controlled or specific parameters need to be entered by an operator. For processes where a number of information sources need to be monitored in real time, Eldon's modular console system is recommended for its characteristics and will be normally used.

  • The new panel stay comes with a new three-position bracket that allows the user to select the opening angle of the desk section. The panel can now be opened 90º, 77º or 58º.
    The panel stay mechanism was previously only activated when any of the desk section units were fully opened to 90º.
  • The new panel stay will be available in the compact console range, both in mild steel consoles, MPG, and stainless steel consoles, MPGS. Furthermore, desk section units of the MPC modular console range will also include this new panel stay, in both mild steel consoles, MPCxx2, and stainless steel ones, MPCSxx2

This will benefit customers who use viewing windows on consoles, to protect installed components, or who place consoles in locations that do not allow the center panel to be opened fully.

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Customer advantages:

  • Three opening angles - 90º, 77º or 58º - for viewing windows on consoles used to protect installed components.

  • A practical solution where consoles are in locations that do not allow the middle panel to be fully opened.