Two new standard items in Eldon’s stainless steel wall mounted ASR enclosures range

Eldon is widening the standard range of enclosures with two new items added to its high-resistance wall mounted stainless steel ASR range. The new standard products will be available directly off the shelf, which will ensure a fast delivery time to customers.

Available until now as standard-special items, ASR0403021 and ASR0403021-316 have a special size (400mmx300mmx210mm) that provides a more generous space for mounting equipment. ASR0403021-316 has a special stainless steel finish which makes it corrosion resistant and highly suitable for harsh and demanding environments that use chemicals, like bleach or chlorine.  

Eldon is focusing on providing faster delivery times and very competitive prices for its customers. The decision of making its ASR0403021 and ASR0403021-316 enclosures available as standard items significantly reduces the time to market and to customer’s shop floor, since Eldon will provide them directly from stock.

The ASR enclosures range is designed to provide ultimate cleanliness and ingress protection and ensure high resistance to corrosion. The ASR range of enclosures can cope with the harshest environments, which means they are the ideal solution for the food and chemical industries, pharmaceutical plants, outdoor applications and marine environments.

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