Side panels fixation with new patented retainer

nVent HOFFMAN's side panels for floor standing enclosures maintain ingress protection to help ensure electrical components operate without disturbance, which also helps protect personnel from potential injuries.

Proper sealing is provided through an extruded, one piece polyurethane gasket.
The panel
is mounted with 8 screws. To make mounting the panels even easier, nVent HOFFMAN has introduced a patented retainer to replace the cage nuts. The new retainer allows for faster fixation of a side panel by one person. The retainers will be delivered mounted on the side panels for the mild steel and stainless steel ranges.

The new retainer is inserted on to the enclosure frame through the side panel. Two slots in the panel and two positioners on the retainer hold the side panel in position. Once the screw is screwed in, the retainer expands, providing a strong and reliable fixation of the side panel to the enclosure.

The patented retainer design makes mounting a side panel easier than ever. It requires no tools and saves assembly time. Simply:

  • Hang the side panel on the enclosure frame;
  • Insert the retainers into the enclosure frame holes and snap them in;
  • Insert and push a screw into position in each retainer.

Plus, the new fixation method meets load capacities of up to 1000N, and maintains proper fastening in high vibration or seismic environments. The new fixation method is a standard feature on mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium side panels for combinable floor standing enclosures.

Customer benefits:

  • Reduced assembly time;
  • Tested load capacity: 1000 N;
  • Tool-less assembly.