Process materials faster with the new nVent HOFFMAN ModCenter clamping system

The automatic clamping system securely and consistently affixes flat material – including mild steel, stainless steel, non-metallic, aluminum, copper and more – to the machine bed for precise and fast material processing of holes, cutouts and other modifications.

The system is automated using DXF or DWG-based software and state-of-the-art controls from Beckhoff or Siemens, saving operators the time and hassle of attaching, adjusting and detaching clamps manually. Automating the clamping function also helps improve workflow operational safety.

Designed for use with all nVent HOFFMAN ModCenter models, the automatic bottom clamping system is compatible with both Siemens and Beckhoff control systems:

  • MABCS01 ModCenter control system, Beckhoff
  • MABCS02 ModCenter control system, Siemens

Customer Benefits:

  • Improves machine performance
  • Improves material fixation
  • Reduces downtime
  • Improves workflow safety

Implementation date: Available now.