New Plinth Combining Profile for MultiK 1600 mm wide

Enclosures house more equipment than ever before as applications become more complex, leading to increased demand for efficient cable management. Eldon continues to fast-forward its efforts to develop a more efficient cable infrastructure within its enclosures. The goal is to further enhance the quality offering of Eldon accessories and ensure greater customer satisfaction.

The well-known plinth combining profiles, PCP, are acting as a stabilizer when cabling is routed between bayed enclosures for the MultiFlex range. PCPK was designed as solution for the compact 1600 mm wide floor standing enclosures in the MultiK range, when two 800 mm plinths are combined.

The new Plinth Combining Profile, PCPK, can be used for applications in which cables need to go under the enclosure, offering the best cable management options for a wide spectrum of needs. Compatible with the Eldon MultiK, 1600 mm wide enclosures, PCPK saves time and offers easier mounting of the cabling when two 800mm plinths are used.

For 200 mm high plinths, PCPK can be mounted in three different heights: top, middle or bottom. The hole pattern for cage nuts and M5x10 screws allow easy mounting of accessories.