New transport bracket for swing frames helps protect cabinet assemblies

Rely on nVent HOFFMAN’s new transport bracket for swing frames to help protect your cabinet assembly during shipping and delivery from workshop to site.

The new transport bracket keeps the swing frame in a closed position to reduce movement and vibration during transport that can damage assembled components. The bracket also helps protect hinges from extra pressure due to dynamic load during transport.

The transport bracket is designed for ease of use. Simply mount it on the transversal support bars before transport, and then unmount it once the configuration is on site. 

The transport bracket is compatible with all nVent HOFFMAN swing frames, as well as with ESFS, ESFC and ESFM swing frames. For reference, swing frames are mounted in combination with glazed doors when a utilities enclosure is required. These types of enclosures are used for electrical substations.

The new transport bracket will be available beginning in August. 

For more information on the new transport bracket from nVent HOFFMAN, please contact Jose Rodríguez, nVent HOFFMAN Product Manager.