New outer mounting profile

Eldon keeps upgrading its accessories ranges to offer more mounting alternatives and thereby greater flexibility for its customers and users.

New outer mounting profile

The new mounting profiles can be used in all of Eldon's floor standing enclosures to mount components or peripherals inside the enclosure at different levels.

Outer mounting profiles can be fixed providing an outer mounting level to support enclosure accessories and electrical components. The profiles do not require additional brackets as they are fixed directly to the enclosure frame. Each profile has hooks on one side that keep the profile in the desired position while the other side is being fixed. This makes assembly very easy.

The new profile replicates the standard hole pattern at an outer mounting level, offering an extra 25 mm space for various configurations as well as loading capacity from 1200 N up to 2400 N.

Item no.



 Max. loading

CLPO300  Outer mounting profile, 300  300  2400 N
CLPO400  Outer mounting profile, 400  400  2400 N
CLPO500  Outer mounting profile, 500  500  2400 N
CLPO600  Outer mounting profile, 600  600  2400 N
CLPO800  Outer mounting profile, 800  800  1800 N
CLPO1000  Outer mounting profile, 1000  1000  1400 N
CLPO1200  Outer mounting profile, 1200  1200  1200 N

The new outer profiles allows for greater mounting flexibility and can be used for all applications.

Customer benefits:


Easy positioning and assembly;


Increases the useful depth/width in the enclosure with

25 mm;


Loading capacity tested up to 2400 N;

Implementation date: September 2019.

For further details, please contact your Eldon representative.