New locking system now available for nVent HOFFMAN Swing Frame Rack range

To offer customers easier operation and enhanced security, nVent is upgrading the locking system for the nVent HOFFMAN Swing Frame Rack range.

Swing Frame Racks – side mounted (ESFS) and middle mounted (ESFM) – are commonly relied on for utilities cabinets in electrical substations, as well as when mounting 19" equipment on an electrical cabinet. For improved ease of use, the redesigned locking system is compatible with floor standing locking inserts, and equipped with an audible security "click" to indicate when the system is fully locked or unlocked.

In addition, to improve the aesthetic, the new system comes with a sleek cover that can be customized with a company name or logo.

The new locking system also is available on nVent HOFFMAN aluminum, as well as mild and stainless steel floor standing enclosures.

Products affected:

  • ESFS, Swing Frame side mounted. 
  • ESFM, Swing Frame middle mounted.

Customer Benefits:

  • Customizable locking handle.
  • Compatible with floor standing standard inserts.
  • Enhanced security "click" indicator.
  • Compatible with floor standing lift handles.

Implementation date: Available now