New interlocking system for bayed enclosures

Eldon has launched a new interlocking system for bayed enclosure configurations. The new system is launched in combination with the upgraded flange mount disconnect floor standing enclosures, the MCF-range.

Read more about MCF enclosures here.

With the new interlocking system enclosure configurations, an opportunity to meet the requirements of UL 508A can be created. The new system design reduces assembly time and provides a smoother interlocking operation while increasing the strength of the mechanism thanks to new L-shaped interlocking bars, FMB.

Eldon's interlocking system is simple: The master door in the configuration must first be identified, and the system actuator, FMA, is then to be installed there. This in turn will lock all slave doors through the connection between the interlocking bars, FMB, which are now L-shaped instead of flat, and the slave door kits, FMS, with a completely new design.

The system can accommodate as many slave door interlocking kits as the bayed enclosure configuration requires, making the system very flexible.

A safety feature in the slave door kit can be activated separately, even when the main door interlocking device is not installed.

The interlocking system is symmetrical, so the master door will block doors left or right. It is compatible with the combinable flange mount disconnect floor standing enclosures, meeting the requirements specified within UL 508A for control panels, which is required in the US.

Some of the benefits of the new interlocking system include: 


Shorter assembly time;


Smoother operation;


Stronger mechanisms;



MCF-enclosures and the FMD interlocking kit meet US requirements set out in UL 508A.


If you have any questions, please contact your Eldon representative.


§  Smoother operation;