New filler plate for bayed enclosures

A new mounting filler plate, MPF, is now available for combinable floor standing enclosures. The filler plate seamlessly bridges the gap between two mounting plates in two adjacent combinable enclosures, increasing the even mounting surface available.

The new filler plate should be used when an even mounting surface in floor standing combinable enclosures is required, and when the mounting plates are not fitted flush with the frame. Such a large even mounting surface allows for more flexible fitting of components and equipment. This is especially useful in applications such as automation and control when cable trunks have to be mounted.

The filler plate can be mounted quickly and easily without any tools: a top bracket is fixed to the top middle frame by using tool free click-in technology. A supporting pin is mounted between the mounting plates to serve as a guide for the filler plate and also to serve as a bottom fixation. The filler plate is then easily fitted into position with a snap-line to the top bracket.

Don’t hesitate to contact your Eldon representative for any further details.