New cage nuts for easy installation

Eldon upgrades its mounting accessories range for further assembly time reductions. The new quick fixation cage nuts can be inserted from the front in the standard hole pattern without any need for tools.

The cage is made of polyamide, it is flexible, and it is easy to install.

Available for M6 and M8, the new cage nuts are suitable for high tightening torque and high tensile forces up to 8 Nm. Moreover, with the new design it is impossible to over-twist nut and cage, which makes it perfect for secure joining of metal accessories.

The new design is seismic-proof according to GR-63-CORE, Issue 4, which makes the cage nut the perfect fit even in the most demanding environments.

Enclosures affected: CNM range and all accessories inlcunding CNM cagenuts in the kits.

The cage nuts are used for easy fixing of accessories and components. Procurement is simplified, since the cage nuts can be used for all Eldon's enclosure frames and the profile system.


Quick fixation to the frame;


Cages and nuts are preassembled;


Available for M6 and M8;


Seismic-proof according to GR-63- CORE, Issue 4.

Implementation date: July 2019. We will follow FIFO for the kits including cage nuts and the CNM range.

Benefit 1 & 4 from the above section are the new one thanks to the new design.

If you have any questions, please contact your Eldon representative.