New IP rating on partial doors

To add improved protection against dust and particles, nVent upgraded the nVent HOFFMAN horizontal door profiles for the MCS and MKS mild steel door floor standing ranges to comply with IP54.

Now, the upgraded horizontal door profile uses a rubber grommet for a secure seal. It also features a redesigned bracket to enable faster and easier assembly.

As part of the upgrade for IP54, nVent also changed the horizontal dividers that provide separation and ensure the partial doors and panels are secured. Now, rather than using two different versions of the horizontal divider for the MCS and MKS ranges, the CDH version was redesigned to be compatible with both ranges.

For reference, the MCS range used the former CDH divider version, while the MKS range used the CDHK version. Moving forward, the new CDH divider will replace the former one, and the CDHK divider will be phased out once stock runs out. 

nVent will apply FIFO with a rule of no mixed deliveries. 

Implementation date: April 10, 2023

If you have any questions, please contact your nVent HOFFMAN representative.