More earthing accessories available

Unwanted short circuits in an automation or switchgear enclosure cannot be completely avoided, despite thorough electrical engineering work.

Eldon has now added additional earthing accessories to its product range for both distribution and automation and control applications. The new accessories are fully compatible with Eldon enclosures.

Equipment that may cause short circuits must feature appropriate protection to conduct any short circuit current occurring during the fault without impairing safety. 
Any manufacturer of a switchgear assembly must always ensure that the earthing circuit withstands the maximum thermal and dynamic loads occurring at the installation point.

The extended accessories range includes new PE busbars, isolators, earthing fixation points, and a complete range of copper busbars designed and tested for Eldon enclosures. 

Some benefits of the new range of earthing accessories:


Designed for Eldon enclosures;


Tested solutions;


Wide range of PE accessories.

Relevant data of the new accessories with test results can be found on Eldon’s websites. The information provided will enable fast and reliable implementation of any adjustments during the project planning stage.

If you have any questions, please contact your Eldon representative.