Improved internal corner baying kit

Eldon’s internal corner baying kit accessory has been improved and is now available to order. It provides additional tightening for bayed combinable enclosures when lifting is required.

A central development driver for Eldon is to provide accessories that are easy to mount and help reduce assembly time. One example is the upgraded corner baying kit, CCM, that should be used for extra strength when fully equipped, combinable enclosures need to be lifted.

The new kit contains zinc plated steel brackets, with mounting accessories. The previous version had brackets that were fixed by four screws per bracket, a total of 16 to fasten. The new kit contains brackets that are fixed with snap-line fasteners, which reduces assembly time by 75%, tool free.

The brackets may be used also when Eldon’s separation plate, SPD, is used. This steel separation plate separates bayed enclosures, to create individual spaces for components, and secures the specified IP rating.

The corner baying kit is the latest example of Eldon accessories that make assembly quick and easy!

For a better understanding of the functionality, please access the dedicated Animated Mounting Instructions video.

 Don’t hesitate to contact your Eldon representative for any further details.