Smooth door closing with Eldon's new espagnolette locking system for Wall Mounted enclosures

Eldon has launched a new espagnolette locking system for its wall mounted enclosure range. The new system permits a reliable and smooth door closing, being especially beneficial when the doors carry heavy loads or when the enclosure is mounted on an uneven surface.

The new locking system comprises of two wheels in the top and in the bottom, that reduce the friction between the rods and the enclosure body. This improves smoothness when closing the door and eliminates the risk of scratching the paint. 

The plastic holders, in which the locking rods move up and down, have a new design that places the door in the right position for exact closing, maintaining the alignment of the door with the body. This guarantees impeccable sealing between the door gasket and the rain gutter, even in cases when the door carries heavy loads.

The new locking system is especially advantageous when the wall, or other surface the enclosure will be fixed to, is uneven, or when heavy equipment, such as a cooling unit, is mounted on the door and the protection degree needs to remain intact.

All double door wall mounted enclosures, and single door wall mounted enclosures, height of 1000 mm and higher, in mild and stainless steel, are from now on equipped with the new espagnolette locking system.

The new system is supplied as standard but it is also available as a replacement product, and it is compatible with enclosures provided with the previous locking system. 

Wall Mounted enclosures, mild steel single door, MAS MASLS1000 1000
  MASLS1200 1200
Wall Mounted enclosures, mild steel double door, MAD MADLS0600 600
  MADLS0800 800
  MADLS1000 1000
  MADLS1200 1200
  MADLS1400 1400
Wall Mounted enclosures, stainless steel single door, ASR ASRLS1000 1000
  ASRLS1200 1200
  ASRLS1400 1400
Wall Mounted enclosures, stainless steel double door, ADR    ASRLS1000 1000

Please contact your Eldon representative for any further details.