Get the advantage of faster installation for wall mounted stainless steel enclosures

Now, stainless steel wall mounted enclosures feature precise laser markings to make it faster and easier to drill custom holes precisely and affix wall mounting brackets.

Because standard stainless steel enclosures generally are relied on to protect electronic components in harsh applications, such as those requiring washdowns or exposure to polluted industrial environments, they are designed with smooth backs to maximize sealing and hygiene.

Traditionally, in cases where wall mounting was necessary, panel builders, OEMs and system integrators spent time manually measuring, marking and drilling holes.

Now, to save customers' time and hassle, nVent HOFFMAN stainless steel enclosures and terminal boxes are delivered with 0.7 mm laser marking on each back corner.

These markings precisely indicate where to easily drill holes and affix AWS wall mounting brackets.

The stainless steel enclosure ranges affected are ASR, ADR, AFS, SSTB. Mounting stainless steel enclosures will be fixed on the wall with AWS brackets.

Implementation will begin in March 2021.