Extended MKS and MKD ranges

Easy engineering and assembly are two of Eldon’s central development drivers. One recent example is the further development of the successful mild steel single and double door compact floor standing ranges, MKS and MKD.

More standard dimensions have been added, Eldon’s combinable floor standing accessories are fully compatible with MKS and MKD ranges, making it possible to engineer and build almost any indoor configuration.

Eldon’s compact enclosures have a four-times folded and seam welded frame and are well suited for residential automation and control solutions, or for integration into larger processing systems or machines. The double door version, MKD, is especially useful in confined spaces, where a single door would take up too much space in front of the enclosure when the door is opened.  

Many different available dimensions make it easier to engineer a solution that meets the requirements, and eliminates the need for manufacturing special versions, which in turn reduces cost. The fact that accessories for the compact range are fully compatible with Eldon’s combinable floor standing range also contributes to making engineering and creation of the actual configuration easier and more cost effective. For distributors this makes stock keeping easier and cheaper. Profiles integrated into the enclosure design eliminate the need for dedicated accessories, which also help ease engineering and reduce cost.

Eldon has not only considered simplifying the engineering of a configuration: Easy assembly and access to components are crucial too. The MKS and MKD enclosures have roof, rear, and bottom plates that are removable, which allows for easy access when mounting components. Machining also becomes easier and installation time can be reduced. The high protection degree is not at risk, despite the removable parts.

Eldon’s compact enclosures are often used in systems or on machines in environments requiring various certifications. The MKS and MKD ranges hold certifications such as CSA, Lloyd’s Register, CE, GOST, KEMA KEUR and cULus Listed.

In summary, the wide compact floor standing ranges offer several benefits:

  • Wide range of dimensions;
  • Full accessory compatibility with Eldon’s combinable range;
  • Integrated rear profiles;
  • Removable roof and rear;
  • Extensive range of certifications.

If you have any questions, please contact your Eldon representative.