Eldon’s improved Cable Plastic Gland (CPG) and Rain Hood (ARF) enhance customer experience

Aiming to provide cost-efficient enclosure solutions, Eldon has redesigned the ARF rain hood to increase corrosion resistance and ensure a longer lifetime for the enclosure.

Rain hoods are usually installed on enclosures that are placed in outside locations, as extra protection for the enclosure and its gasket.

The new design of the ARF does not include welded L profiles. Instead it includes profiles that are fixed onto welded studs. This solution enables the ARF to be fully painted which will increase corrosion resistance.

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Cable Plastic Gland accessory now supplied with corresponding nuts

Eldon is now supplying its Cable Plastic Gland, CPG, together with the required number of nuts necessary for a safe and adequate fixation in an enclosure. CPGN is no longer available as separate item.

Previously sold separately, in packs ranging from 50 to 100 pieces, the CPGN nuts are vital for ensuring that CPG provides the necessary support for inserting cables into an enclosure.

In order to avoid ordering the nuts separately, Eldon has simplified the process by including the required number of fitting nuts with the CPG fixation accessory as default.

“Eldon is committed to offer complete solutions whenever possible therefore, based on customers’ feedback, we took the decision to simplify the ordering process for cable fittings by providing the necessary components in one go” explained Mario Tarín, Eldon Product Manager.

The Cable Plastic Gland, CPG, is an accessory used in all type of applications that require traditional cable fittings. CPG is known to provide both excellent strain relief as well as a high degree of protection and the new solution will simplify both the ordering process and the storage requirements for customers.

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