Eldon improves customer experience by launching a series of upgrades

Eldon has launched a series of smart upgrades to its wood pallets, wall fixing brackets and document pockets, all geared to deliver an improved customer experience.

Eldon’s wood pallets, wall fixing brackets and document pockets have all been updated to provide a bunch of benefits to customers that will improve and speed handling, increase stability and safety, and enhance protection and access to key documents.

Wood pallets

wood_pallet_eldonEldon’s wood product transport pallets, all certified with a Phyto-sanitary certificate that certifies the treatment and marking of wood packaging, have undergone a complete redesign to increase durability, make handling easier and safer, and provide greater resistance to shock and impact. The pallet’s corner wood block has been increased in size from 33mm to 50mm to help increase resistance and stability, while a 45O slope has been added to the bottom horizontal crossbars of the pallet to give optimum working performance and enable easy, more secure forklift access.

Stainless steel wall fixing bracket

CCBS_eldonThe all-new, stainless steel wall fixing bracket developed by Eldon is designed to increase the stability and safety of the floor standing enclosures in special environments. The bracket is fixed to the wall by using M12 screws at the top, to prevent any enclosure movement while part of a maritime application mounted on board of a ship. The stainless steel bracket can also be used for the smaller dimensioned floor standing enclosures.

Find out more about the CCBS stainless steel wall fixing bracket.

New document pocket

DRB_pocket_eldonEldon’s latest accessories lineup also includes a new document pocket for 600 mm to 800 mmm wide enclosures. Designed to hold schematics, electrical diagrams or maintenance programs that help with assembly and maintenance details for customers, the new snug-fitting pockets deliver optimized document storage by covering the total space between the vertical profiles of the door frame and using screws on both sides of the frame.

Find out more about the DRB document pocketEldon

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