Eldon launches stronger side panels that reduce assembly time

Eldon has launched a new range of mild steel and stainless steel side panels that enhance rigidity, reduce assembly time and permit one-man installation.

Customer benefits:

  • Reduced customer assembly time;
  • Stronger side panel design;
  • Enhanced quality;
  • One-man installation.

Eldon’s latest range of mild steel and stainless steel side panels have been designed from the drawing board to deliver users increased rigidity for extra strength as well as to reduce customer assembly time and permit one-man installation.

Reflecting Eldon’s near 95-years of expertise in making state-of-the-art enclosures, the new panels are geared to be utilized with combinable enclosures for creating bayed or individual configurations. Typical applications encompass automation and control and power distribution systems, where it is necessary to install multiple enclosures inline.

The increased strength of the latest side panels stem from an innovative ‘S’ bend as well as an increase in material thickness. In addition, Eldon’s customers also benefit from a new hanging design feature that allows the side panels to be hung from the enclosure using a unique bend across the top edge of the side panel, which makes the installation substantially easier when compared to the previous design.

Please note, Eldon will apply the FIFO (first in, first out) procedure to these side panels. This means that customers will start to receive the new side panel design once the old version is no longer in stock.  However, the item numbers will not be changed.

Available since: 13th June 2016