Eldon LED Lights Enhanced To Benefit Customers and Environment

Eldon has improved the luminosity of its LED lighting to provide customers with better light output, while keeping energy costs down.

To ensure better readability than ever before, Eldon LTSL LED light increases luminosity from 290 Lm to 400 Lm, yet retains extremely low use of energy.

Available for all enclosure applications and environments, Eldon’s LED lights are made of durable, easy to clean transparent plastic and are designed to deliver a very long service life of around 60,000 hours. The power output allows up to 10 lights to be connected to each other as a daisy chain with both the input and output plugs snap-locking into their sockets.

Eldon’s LED lights can cope with a broad range of temperature, ranging from -30 ºC to +60 ºC and come with CE, EAC and UL approvals. To ensure ease of use, the LED lights connectors with snap lock for power supply and power output.

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