New Depth Interior Profiles now available

Eldon is now introducing a new set of Depth Interior Profiles, DIP, for wall mounted enclosures. The new profiles require no machining, they are easy to mount, and are delivered with a 25mm hole pattern.

Eldon’s ambition is to always bring added value to its customers for on-going, mutual success. An important contribution from Eldon’s side is to continuously provide further developed products and solutions.

A recent example of Eldon’s continuous development efforts is the new Depth Interior Profiles, DIP. These profiles make up a smart, flexible solution for mounting accessories and other equipment inside Eldon’s wall mounted enclosures.

DIP can be ordered as a standard accessory, with a 25mm hole pattern for mounting a wide range of components, such as lights and temperature control equipment. The CLPK click-in profile and the CLPF mounting profiles, normally used in the floor standing range, may also be used with the new depth interior profiles, DIP.

No machining is required to mount the profiles, which eliminates the risk of affecting the protection degree of the enclosure. Mounting is extremely easy, since the profile is tightened in position with only one screw, which is one example of one of Eldon’s central development drivers: Assembly should be quick and easy! 

For a better understanding of the functionality, please access the dedicated Animated Mounting Instructions video.

Don’t hesitate to contact your Eldon representative for any further details.