DIN rail support brackets make wiring easier

As an option customers can now choose support brackets for Eldon DIN rails. The brackets allow depth adjustment for easier wiring in various situations, such as performing installations in the field.

A typical example of Eldon’s customer focused product development activities, Eldon DIN rails are used in a broad range of applications across all markets. They are mounted on the bottom of the mounting plate inside the enclosures, or along the width of a terminal box. 

A practical option for easier wiring

The DIN rails are usually mounted on a flat surface with no inclination and no space between the rail and the surface on which it is mounted. However, customers may choose a mounting option with support brackets, which allow some depth adjustment of the DIN rail for easier wiring.

In almost every panel terminals are required for the incoming/outcoming cables. When installing terminals, accessories for depth adjustment of the DIN rail, flat or inclined, are normally required, particularly when the installation needs to be performed in the field.

Customer advantages

• Depth adjustment of the DIN rail for fast, convenient wiring;
• Easy installation of terminals;
• Versatility of the DIN rail.