180º hinges now available in new materials for harsh environments

Eldon is introducing new 180º hinges for wall mounted enclosures, in Zamak and AISI 316 stainless steel, ideal for harsh environments. The main reason for using 180º hinges is to enable complete access to the interior of the enclosure without the door obstructing the maintenance staff.

Another example of Eldon’s ambition to produce and deliver leading edge products and accessories is the new 180º hinges for wall mounted enclosures, available in Zamak (MMH) and AISI 316 stainless steel (MMHS).

The enclosure door can be completely opened due to the 180º hinges, providing easy access for maintenance staff. This is especially beneficial in the field, or under difficult conditions, when working inside the enclosure is challenging.

Replacing the 130º hinges, that come with the standard range of wall mounted mild steel and stainless-steel enclosures, with the 180º ones, requires no additional machining and is very easy.

These new hinges are well suited for harsh environments, such as maritime applications, for instance on board ships, thanks to the new materials used. The new hinges are also more rigid, which ensures an excellent support for the heavy equipment mounted on the enclosure door.

For a better understanding of the functionality, please access the dedicated Animated Mounting Instructions video.

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