nVent HOFFMAN Extreme Environments Air Conditioners

The nVent HOFFMAN Extreme Environments line of air conditioners is the industry’s first to offer a more durable, reliable and longer-lasting solution for ultimate protection of critical controls and equipment in the most demanding environments.

As the only air conditioner certified to rigorous UL Type 4X and IEC IP66 and IP69 standards, the Extreme portfolio of air conditioners can maintain optimal cooling performance over extended periods for applications in water, wastewater, oil and gas, offshore/coastal, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mining and other extreme environments. In addition, Extreme air conditioners offer the highest ingress protection available against water and particulate, with IEC IP66 and IP69 ratings.

Reduce downtime and costs

Specially designed from the inside out for durability and performance, the Extreme Environments air conditioners feature an FDA-approved neoprene gasket, a fully sloped shroud to reduce liquid and particulate collection and bacteria growth, and stainless steel components, all of which help reduce downtime and replacement costs. 

The industry-leading solutions are washdown-ready with no need for additional protection – they come with an environmental seal capable of handling up to 20 cm of water vacuum. 

Extreme environments air conditioners are available in several models, all with premium features for easier sizing. Extreme environments air conditioners can be paired with enclosures that meet UL Type 4X, IEC IP66 and IP69

Plus, they are backed by a best-in-class aftermarket service, regional spare parts inventories and competitive standard warranties.

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