Updated PWA6000 capabilities optimizes wire processing for customers even more

Relied on for optimizing wire production and reducing processing time up to 75%, the popular nVent HOFFMAN PWA6000 Wire Processing Center now can precisely handle cable lengths as small as 115mm (4.5 in), and cut and strip cable dimensions up to 6 mm2 (10 AWG).

The PWA6000 fully automates the cutting to length, stripping, crimping, marking and bundling of wires, boosting productivity and ensuring consistent and precise quality. The machine places the ferrules on both sides and marks the wires. In a predefined order, the finished wires are bundled on adhesive tape to optimize order picking for the assembly process.

The new capability allowing shorter wire lengths along with the fully automated process for prefabricated wires, optimizes the panel wiring process and reduces the material needed, thereby reducing customer costs.

Customer benefits:

  • Optimizes wire processing
  • Saves space in cable duct
  • Reduces waste



  • Designed for easy installation
  • Enables a wide range of accessories to be mounted
  • No machining required; protection degree maintai