Eldon seminars in India prove a big hit

At the start of 2012, Eldon held several extremely well-received seminars in the west central Indian cities of Mumbai, Pune, and Ahmedabad.

The events were attended by a host of potential Indian customers, including OEMs, panel builders, systems integrators, engineering firms and end users. Local distributors from each location were also on hand to help out with the events, showing off stock from their inventory and meeting with potential clients.

Representing Eldon International were David Ramos, Eldon's Head of Product Management and Julian de la Cuesta, Eldon's Vice President Sales & Marketing. Mitul Shukla, Sales Manager, India and Deepak Gupta, General Manager of Eldon CS also attended and met with clients.

Each technical seminars featured a brief general introduction of Eldon to the Indian market. Indian electrical professionals learned about the history, global reach and overall strength of the large, multi-national enclosure manufacturer .

"One of the key things we made clear is how deeply Eldon is committed to the Indian enclosure market," said David Ramos. "We are devoting significant resources to the large scale business opportunity we see on the subcontinent. Eldon has a long term growth plan for India."

Following the introduction to Eldon as a corporate entity, demonstrations were made of some of the firm's bestselling products, including Multi-Mount wall mounted enclosures, Multi-Flex floor standing enclosures, and stainless steel enclosures including the popular ASR series as well as thermal management solutions , terminal boxes and accessories.

"Having a chance to not only see the quality of Eldon's enclosures and accessories in person, but to learn about the worldwide success of the company helped those in attendance to gain a more sophisticated understanding of the robustness of our product offering and the firm's international reach," said Julian de la Cuesta. "Eldon's full 400 page catalog and portfolio of international industrial certifications-- CE, IP degree & UL approvals--made it clear that we are a firm with significant capabilities.

Representatives from some of India's most notable growing firms were in attendance. Attendees were also treated to a buffet dinner after each presentation at which they had the opportunity to talk further about Eldon's enclosures and the firm's expansion into the Indian market with both Eldon's executive team as well as local distributors.