Eldon and TNR team up for Goudsmit’s pilot plant

When Holland’s Goudsmit Magnetic Group, the leading designer and manufacturer of magnets and magnet systems in the Netherlands, decided to build an innovative new pilot plant they turned to longterm partners Eldon and TNR Elektotechniek to supply the necessary enclosures.

The pilot plant, in Moerdjik, where new recycling technology is being brought on line, consists of a hall approximately fifty meters long with enclosures on both sides. These enclosures, including sidewalls, were largely provided by Eldon.

This plant, the first of three projected recycling facilities, was constructed during the first part of 2012. The new building contains the machinery necessary to deconstruct a variety of durable goods and electronics. After materials such as plastics, metals, glass and the like are mechanically separated, conveyor belts move the materials through the facility to await truck transport. Any waste is sold to customers who burn it to create energy. The motto of the new factory is "No Waste to Waste" and it is the first in Europe to employ this methodology.

“We mainly use the enclosures from Eldon for the machines in our most recent project, which involves a new way of removing iron from waste,” says Wil van de Valk, Project Leader, Goudsmit. “We chose Eldon as our partner because we have always been pleased with the firm’s efficiency and creativity when we are developing new products.”

About forty of these enclosures are already in place in the Goudsmit pilot plant. For the machines using Eldon enclosures, the team at TNR built the high quality technical controls directly into the enclosures. This makes it possible to move the machines and enclosures, without constantly taking everything apart.

“These enclosures are solid, well functioning and good looking,” says Wil van de Valk. “In addition to Eldon’s high quality enclosure construction, we also value the relationship we have with Cor Boon, our Account Manager at Eldon. He is a passionate man, who always provides us with outstanding service.”

This appreciation is mutual. “It is great to work with both Goudsmit and TNR,” says Cor Boon, Account Manager, Eldon. “I’m very happy about doing this latest project together.”

Boon reports being particularly excited about the opportunity that Goudsmit gave him to develop a new type of enclosure. “They asked Eldon to build an enclosure to be used in potentially explosive areas in the presence of combustion gas and/or dust (ATEX-certified), because of the safety issues relating to the risk of explosions.” The developed solution was based on a sloping roof enclosure to prevent dust build up.

 “We will certainly continue working with TNR and Eldon as our suppliers when it comes to enclosures,” says Van de Valk. “We’re very pleased.”