Eldon provides Siemens with electronic enclosures for Dutch highway

In the culmination of a two and a half year partnering process, Eldon is proud to announce it has been selected as an official supplier of roadside enclosures to Siemens.

Starting last July, the first of thirty-two Eldon outdoor encloures were placed along Dutch highway A50. The specially-designed enclosures contain a Siemens-architected system that control the portal signs for the highway.

Over the last several years, the stretch of highway A50 between Ewijk and Valburg has been a major traffic bottleneck choked with long queues of automotive traffic. The Department of Waterways and Public Works wants to solve this problem by broadening the pavement between Ewijk and Valburg and installing a modern traffic control system. Siemens has been selected to supply this system along the route. The electronics giant  has chosen Eldon as their partner to provide the enclosures for the traffic control system.

“Public Works places high demands on the roadside specialisation and Eldon seemed a suitable partner in developing the ultimate outdoor enclosures,” says Gert-Jan Bron, product manager at Siemens. The public works department had several technical requirements for the project. The housings needed to be constructed of metal, built to last a minimum of fifteen years and not contain a cooling system. Bron explains, “The lack of a cooling system is an especially challenging requirement, particularly during the summer heat.” Eldon solved this challenge by developing a double-walled aluminum cabinet for the floor standing outdoor enclosure. The air cavity and ventilation openings between both walls keep the components inside the enclosure cool during the summer weather.   

The three door enclosures used for this project consist of three individual modules, separated by vertical dividers. The left side is the power supply unit while the middle contains the PLC's and other electronics, and the right side is set aside for the communications containing the modem that directly connects to the traffic office. 

TNO Delft conducted an extensive round of testing to verify the durability of  ultimate outdoor cabinet. The housing including technical material had to prove itself on a vibrating conveyor. After being validated by both TNO and the Department of Waterways and Public Works, the production of 32 enclosures commenced in the spring of 2011.

Each of the thirty-two portals of the Ewijk-Valburg Project will have its own outdoor enclosure.  The first cabinets were placed last July, and Public Works aims to install the final  units before summer of 2012. The process has taken nearly a year because the road construction had to be carefully timed.

Anton Sterk, the New Busines Development Manager at Eldon, who worked on the project, reports being  very pleased with the collaboration. “We have created a very valuable relationship with Siemens and this is obviously a huge success for Eldon.” Sterk worked with colleagues Ignacio Sepulveda, Eldon’s Product Manager and Hilda de Vries from Eldon’s sales team to make sure certain Siemens got the enclosures they wanted when they wanted them.

Siemens’ Gert-Jan Bron is also very positive about the collaboration. “In 2009 Eldon and Siemens came together for the first time. It turned out to be a long process, especially because Public Works made quite a few demands and this type of enclosure was new to Eldon. But from the beginning Eldon proved itself a great partner and delivered extraordinary results.”